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Even a Small Fires Can Require a Fire Insurance Claim

Guardian Has the Best Public Adjusters to Help With Your Fire Insurance Claim

fire insurance claim A fire that hits a residential or commercial property has the potential to consume the entire structure. Most people will picture total destruction when they think of a fire insurance claim, but in reality most fire insurance claims do not involve that kind of damage.

A fire could cause significant damage before it is stopped from spreading by the fire department. Even a small fire that is contained with a fire extinguisher, or a grease fire that spreads smoke throughout the property, can cause damage that is covered by a fire insurance policy.

Whether it is small and quickly managed or large and devastating, a property fire can be an emotional and even shocking experience. After everyone is safe, call Guardian Adjusting for an exceptional public adjuster to handle your fire insurance claim. Your insurance company will send a friendly and helpful adjuster to the site, but it is important to remember that their adjuster is there to protect the insurance company's interests.

A Florida public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will be an invaluable asset during the fire insurance claim process. Your adjuster is a member of your team, there to protect your interests and to help with your fire insurance claim. With 100 years of combined experience, we will provide you with a knowledgeable and assertive adjuster who will first perform a free property inspection and damage assessment. No other company has more success uncovering hidden property damage from heat and smoke after a fire. With Guardian Adjusting you are assured a complete and thorough fire insurance claim is filed.

Practice Fire Safety Measures to Prevent Common Fires

Some property fires in Florida are started by natural events. A brush fire during a dry season can spread to structures, or lightning from a storm can strike a building and spark a fire. However, many property fires are due to negligence or a lack of maintenance and are often preventable.

Cigarette fires continue to be a leading cause of house fires. As such, it is never advisable to smoke in bed.  Be sure to check that all appliances are turned off before going to bed or leaving the property.  Have wiring checked in older structures to avoid electrical fires. Keep working fire extinguishers and smoke detectors on every floor of your property.  Outline an evacuation plan in case a fire strikes and make sure everyone is familiar with it.

These simple measures will contribute greatly to your safety. However, in the event that a fire strikes your home or commercial property, waste no time calling Guardian Adjusting for assistance with your fire insurance claim.


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