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Florida's Coastal Areas are Highly Prone to Flood Damage

Allow the Professionals at Guardian Adjusting to Manage Your Flood Claim

Flood ClaimProperty damage insurance generally does not cover damage from flooding, so a separate flood insurance policy is recommended for properties in any of Florida's many coastal area as well as for properties further inland. When a tropical storm or hurricane hits, flooding is most likely to occur near the ocean, lakes, bays, canals and other bodies of water.  It is advisable, therefore, for anyone in a Florida coastal area to have flood insurance coverage to protect their personal property.

Sometimes misunderstood, a flood, in insurance terms, is caused when the water level of an existing body of water rises and enters a property.  Water damage, or "flooding," caused by a broken pipe or some other water source would not be covered under a flood claim.  At Guardian Adjusting we have a combined 100 years of experience filing flood claims and other property insurance claims.  Our adjusters are familiar with the specifics of flood damage and the definitions and terms that insurance companies use.  We also employ a team of insurance lawyers to consult with our adjusters on all legalities associated with your flood claim, and to ensure your legal rights are protected.

Your adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will work closely with you through every step of the flood claim process.  With our vast experience and knowledge, you can rest assured that your free damage inspection and assessment will uncover all damage that the flooding has caused.  In particular, it is important to identify hidden water damage that may cause mold or rot in the future.  It may be necessary to contact a dry out company to insure that all affected area are completely dry. Guardian Adjusting can determine if a professional dry out company is needed and put you in contact with a reputable one.

Like with any property damage, it is important to document everything affected immediately.  Even if water has subsided from some areas of your property, include them in your list as hidden damage may be present.  Photos of affected areas will likewise be helpful in documenting damage.  Both your list of damage and your photos will be a great tool to your adjuster in filing your flood claim and insuring that all damage is accounted for.

Be certain to have an excellent public adjuster on your side if you have suffered flood damage.  The adjusters at Guardian Adjusting are the best in the business and will work tirelessly to maximize your flood claim, get your damage repaired and your property back to its original state.


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