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Mold your mold damage claim to your advantage

Rick Tapanes - Friday, May 22, 2015

Learn the Facts Before Filing a Mold Damage Claim in Miami

Mold contamination is not to be taken lightly. Left unchecked it can cause serious illness and property damage.

The introduction of mass-produced building products and tract home construction techniques in recent years has only exacerbated the problem, making buildings more susceptible to developing mold infestation. If active mold growth is extensive and persistent it has the potential to cause irreparable structural damage.

The monetary ramifications of a mold contamination in your home can be dire. Thankfully, it’s possible that your homeowners insurance policy may cover the costs. But first you must identify the nature and cause of the mold damage.

What are the most common areas where mold damage may be found in your home?

Although most people associate shower stalls, bath tubs, and basements as the main culprits for harboring mold, the unfortunate truth is that any area that collects moisture in the home can be a breeding ground for mold.

Mold damage may be found in these other common areas:

  • drywall
  • roofing
  • paneling
  • ceiling tiles
  • improperly maintained air conditioners
  • carpets
  • furniture
  • duct work
  • wallpaper
  • near areas surrounding plumbing pipes
  • below sinks
  • underneath carpeting or rugs

Mold is insidious—it will gradually seep into your home through open doors , windows, and air vents. It will even attach itself to clothing, shoes, or pets in order to make its way inside from outdoors.

If You Need to File a Mold Damage Claim in Miami it is Crucial You Consult an Expert Public Adjuster

In terms of insurance coverage, mold damage is a complicated matter. Be aware that most property damage insurance policies include a mold exclusion or limitation. This means that mold damage may be covered only under a very specific set of circumstances. In most cases this involves linking the mold contamination to water damage that has been suffered by the property.

So how can you be sure that you are eligible to file a property damage claim for mold contamination? This is where a consultation with a knowledgeable public adjuster comes into play.

If you believe there is a mold contamination in your home your best course of action is to get a trained public adjuster to inspect your property and ascertain the nature of the mold damage. A thorough inspection will determine if the mold was caused by a past water damage incident such as a broken pipe or leaking roof. A link between the two must be established in order to build a strong case against any mold exclusion clause present in your insurance policy. It is the only way to ensure that your insurance company awards a settlement.

At Guardian Adjusting we have more than thirty years experience providing comprehensive, quality service to Florida residents. Our public adjusters will always defend your best interests and fight aggressively to ensure that you are properly compensated for your property damage claim. Please contact us today for a free evaluation.

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