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Insurance Claims Process

Be Prepared Before Property Damage Strikes

There are many steps to the property damage insurance adjusting claims process, and it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting to guide you through the claims process and protect your interests along the way.

Before Anything Happens

To expedite the property damage claim process, preparations should begin before any potential damage occurs. Take the time to review your insurance policy and understand what it covers and what it does not.  Keep the policy in a safe place and keep a second copy outside of the property at another location. Shoot a video or take photographs of both the interior and exterior of the property to document it's condition and to catalog belongings.

First Thing To do When There is Damage

Once property damage has occurred it is time for damage control so you can limit your losses. This is the time to attempt to stop further damage and salvage anything possible. Depending on the damage experienced, this could include using tarps to stop roof leaks, boarding up broken windows to prevent the elements from entering and calling a remediation company to remove accumulated water and moisture. Every attempt should be made to suppress any further damage as an insurance company may deny part of a claim if it determines the additional damage was avoidable.

Once Situation is Under Control, Call An Expert

At this point you should call Guardian Adjusting to hire an expert public adjuster to handle the property damage claim processYour public adjuster will inspect your property, estimate repair costs, file your claim to the insurance company and act on your behalf during every phase of the damage claim process.

Soon after property damage is reported to the insurance company, they will send an adjuster to inspect the property. Their adjuster will survey the damage with an eye toward protecting the insurance company's financial interests by minimizing your claim. You want to have a public adjuster to advocate for you during this process. Your public adjuster will work hard to find all of the damage your property has suffered, including any hidden damage, and make sure that you are fairly compensated for it.

Filing A Claim

Filing the actual claim is a complicated process and should also be handled by an experienced public adjuster. The adjusters at Guardian Adjusting are experts of the property damage claim process and work with a network of contracting and accounting experts, as well as on staff insurance attorneys, to file a complete and accurate claim on your behalf, thereby maximizing your settlement.


When your insurance company issues you your payment it is important not to sign any release or other type of agreement that would prevent you from filing for a supplemental payment or re-opening the claim. This is not necessarily your final payment and if you have not hired a public adjuster by this point now is the time to call Guardian Adjusting. A public adjuster can still inspect your property on your behalf and refile for additional compensation if further damage related to the initial loss is found. A recent study by the State of Florida found that when you use a public adjuster, you are likely to receive a payout 166% greater than if you do not use a public adjuster. Read more about the government's findings here 

A Denial Letter Does Not Mark the End of the Damage Claim Process

Very often insurance companies flat out deny entire claims.  If this happens you should not accept it as the definitive end of the claims process.  A public adjuster can re-open your claim and still obtain a full settlement.  It is not unusual for an insurance company or their adjuster to make a mistake that leads to the denial of a claim. A public adjuster from Guardian adjusting will perform their own thorough property inspection before reviewing all the facts surrounding your claim denial. Often the denial is issued in error and a good adjuster can uncover that and get the insurance to retract their denial and issue a fair payment for the repairs.

If you are sent a denial letter for your property damage claim, call Guardian Adjusting and we'll work to get the denial reversed. Be sure to also keep all correspondence from your insurance regarding the denial as they will be helpful to your public adjuster in securing your claim.

Gather the following information before any property damage occurs and keep it in a safe place and a set of copies at an alternate location:

  • Policy Holder information
  • Policy Number
  • Location and Description of Damage
  • Time and Date of Damage
  • Authorities Notified
  • Mitigation Services Obtained

If you have any doubt whether you need a public adjuster to help you with the damage claims process, call Guardian Adjusting at 305-445-5388

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