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Denied Claims

Guardian Adjusters Will Fight to Get You Compensated If Your Homeowner's Insurance Claim Was Denied

Property Damage Attorneys Are Essential To Claim Appeal Process

You have gotten the proper insurance coverage for your property, reviewed your policy on a yearly basis and paid your premiums on time for as long as you have owned your home. Now, disaster strikes. Your property is hit with serious and costly damage. You turn to your insurance company expecting them to take care of you, now that this unfortunate time has come, only to find your homeowner's insurance claim denied.

There are a number of reasons why property owners find themselves in this situation. Some are actually legitimate, but other reasons are not. That is why it is important to know your policy and your rights as a policy holder. Information and documentation are vital in determining where you stand. Guardian Adjusting employs highly qualified public adjusters and property damage attorneys ready to guide you through the process of reviewing your policy and damage claim. They will fight on your behalf to appeal your insurance company's denial and to get you compensated fairly for the damage to your property.

It’s Wise to Have Property Damage Lawyers Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy and Claim Denial

Your expert public adjuster from Guarding Adjusters will first closely examine your policy with you. Insurance policies are very thorough and will spell out exactly what is covered and what is not. However, your policy is a legal contract containing complex legal language. With the help of your public adjuster you will have a clear understanding of your rights and the policy maximums. .

Next we will review your claim and the insurance company's claim denial. If it has not been provided, we will request the claim denial in writing along with a written explanation of why the claim was denied. A close comparison of the policy and the claim denial may reveal a mistake on the insurance company's part, which will benefit the appeal process.

If we find that your claim was unfairly denied, we will move forward with the appeal. Now is the time to gather all of the information and documentation related to the damage and claim. Here are some of the essentials:

  • Date and extent of the damage
  • Steps taken to mitigate the damage
  • Photos and written descriptions of the damage
  • Records of steps taken to prevent the damage (receipts for fire alarms, maintenance, inspections, etc.)
From this point forward you should document all of your contacts with your insurance company. File anything they send you, make copies of everything you send them, and take notes of all of your conversations with them including the name of whom you spoke with, the date and time of the conversation, what was discussed and the outcome of the exchange.

Your public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will work closely with our property damage lawyers to file an accurate and timely appeal to your homeowner's insurance claim denial. They will use all the gathered information and documentation, along with everything at their disposal to file the appeal. Often, it is an insurance company error that resulted in the claim denial to begin with. But if it comes down to an incorrect interpretation of the policy or the circumstances of the damage, rest assured that Guardian Adjusting will protect your rights and work hard to get the denial reversed.
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