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How To File an Accurate Wind Damage or Hurricane Claim

Your Damage Claim Must Include All Damage To Your Property

HurricaneA number of highly destructive storms have visited Florida over the years, and that is certain to continue in the future.  In fact, more storms hit Florida every year than any other state, and it is rare for a hurricane season to pass without a major storm affecting the area. Florida is situated in a part of the world where the storm producing combination of low pressure areas with tropical heat and moisture occurs several times a year.   Add to this the fact that damage caused by hurricanes is among the most costly of any act of God, and it is easy to understand the importance of good insurance coverage and a great Florida Adjuster to assist with your hurricane claim.

At Guardian Adjusting our team has a combined 100 years of experience, and that means more knowledge assessing storm damage and filing hurricane claims and wind damage claims than our competitors.  Your adjuster will perform a comprehensive inspection of your property to find any and all damage that has occurred including damage from flying debris, roof damage, wind damage and water damage.  Additionally, your adjuster will review your insurance policy to determine what is covered.  This will allow us to file an accurate hurricane claim or wind damage claim that includes all damage to your property and maximize your settlement.

Ours is a service industry, and we take pride in providing the very best customer service in Florida. Unlike many of our competitors, with Guardian Adjusting you will never feel as if your case is simply another one on the assembly line.  Your adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will treat your hurricane claim with the upmost care.  You can expect your adjuster to offer guidance and support every step of the way. Your adjuster will perform your free inspection and damage evaluation, deal with your insurance company at every stage of the process, notifying them of the damage, representing you at meetings and inspections, and preparing and filing your wind damage or hurricane claim. We also employ a team of insurance lawyers that are on call to consult our public adjusters on protecting your legal rights and to review the legalities of your claim. Work with Guardian Adjusting and you are guaranteed expertise, attention to detail and customer service that are all beyond compare.

After a Storm Hits, Ensure Your Safety and Call Guardian Adjusting as Soon as Possible

Immediately after a storm it is important to make sure that everyone is safe and to secure your property from further damage.  After calling Guardian Adjusting, take photos to document the extent of the damage.  These photos could be a big help in filing the hurricane claim.  Smashed windows should be boarded up and damaged roofs should be covered with tarps.  Temporary measures like these will prevent additional water from entering the property and causing further damage.  Keep receipts for any emergency repairs that had to be done.  Also, compile list of all damaged property including estimated value and receipts if possible.  When your adjuster from Guardian Adjusting arrives, try to have the following on hand:

  • Policy information including name of insured and policy number
  • Description of loss including time, date and location
  • Detailed description of damages
  • Authorities notified (fire, police, etc.)

This information will allow your adjuster to expedite and maximize your hurricane claim or wind damage claim, allowing for repairs to get under way.  Remember, after taking the necessary post hurricane precautions, call Guardian Adjusting to get your property back to normal, fast.

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