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A Good Public Adjuster Is Indispensable When Facing Mold Damage

Mold Must Be Found and Removed to Avoid Additional Damage

Florida is a state where moisture thrives, making properties in the sate susceptible to mold. Once it takes hold, mold will spread quickly, causing serious damage to your property and belongings. And mold's harmful effects don't stop with property damage. Mold becomes air borne and can cause respiratory and other health problems, some of which are very serious. In addition, mold is often hidden from view in walls or under floors and not detected until it has grown and spread.

In relation to insurance coverage, mold can be a complex and tricky issue. Most property damage insurance policies include a mold exclusion or limitation, meaning it may not be covered or only covered under a very specific set of circumstances. Very often, in order for an insurance company to accept a mold damage claim, it must be linked to water damage that the property has suffered.

For these reasons it is imperative that you hire an experienced and knowledgable public adjuster from Guarding Adjusting if you are ever facing mold damage. Your public adjuster will inspect your property and investigate if the mold was caused by a previous water damage event like a broken pipe or leaking roof. If the mold can be linked to water damage, it will make for a stronger case against any mold exclusion policy and make it more likely for the insurance company to award a settlement. Unlike mold, there are generally no policy limitations for water damage. That is why a link between the water damage and the mold must be established. Our expert public adjusters are also proficient at finding unseen damage, and mold often grows behind walls and other hidden areas. We will find all of the damage your property has suffered, including any mold damage that has developed, and include it in your property damage claim.

A good public adjuster understands the nuances of the mold damage claim process and will insure that you are fairly compensated for your property damage. In essence, water damage does not have the same policy limitations or exclusions as mold.  It can, however, cause mold and allow it to thrive. A clear understanding of this relationship allows our highly experienced public adjusters to make the critical link between water damage and mold that will result in a successful mold damage claim. Your public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will also obtain the services of a water remediation company if necessary.  A water remediation company can remove water and moisture that has been absorbed by wall, floors and furniture in a property as well as provide treatments to combat the mold itself.

For safety and to protect your health, keep these important tips in mind:

  • Avoid the area affected by mold
  • Remove anyone from the property that has a respiratory condition
  • Do not eat or drink in the affected area
  • Do not open windows to air our the affected area, this could encourage the mold to spread
  • Do not use a fan to dry the affected area, this could also cause spreading
  • Do not smell or inhale mold spores

If you discover mold in your property, or suspect there may be mold, do not attempt to handle the mold damage claim alone. Call Guardian  Adjusting and get a professional public adjuster to help. Your public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will assist you every step of the way with your mold damage claim. 

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