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Public Adjuster Duties

What Are the Duties of a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A property insurance policyholder will typically hire a public adjuster to help get their claim expedited and to hopefully secure a higher settlement. A good public adjuster will be an indispensable advocate for the property owner during all steps of the property insurance claim process. Below is a summary of a public adjuster’s duties and responsibilities.

Review and Evaluate Your Policy – Your public adjuster will examine your property insurance policy to determine what coverage will be applied to a particular claim. It is best to establish a relationship with public adjuster before any damage has occurred if possible.

Inspect Property and Assess Damage – A public adjuster will perform a detailed property inspection independent of the insurance company’s inspection. Part of their search will focus on hidden damage that may not be readily visible. Then the public adjuster will include all of the damage in their assessment and prepare your insurance claim.

Evaluate Additional Losses – If your damaged property is part of a business, and you are covered for it, your public adjuster can help you determine losses due to business interruption.

Prepare Documents – One of the public adjuster’s responsibilities is to prepare the claim to be filed with the insurance company and to insure that all pertinent documents are submitted as well.

Negotiate – After a settlement has been offered by the insurance company, a public adjuster can be a powerful negotiator that will fight the insurance company to get you the money you are entitled to.-

Re-open Claims – If you have already accepted the insurance company’s settlement on your claim, it may still be possible to get more money. A public adjuster can help to re-open a previously settled claim if any discrepancy is found.

All of these duties and responsibilities are in the service of securing a higher settlement for the property damage insurance policy holder and, therefore, more money to make repairs and return the home or place of business to its original state quickly. The public adjuster acts as a sort of buffer between the policy holder and the insurance company, reducing much of the stress of dealing with the insurance company after a loss. The public adjusters at Guardian Adjusters are waiting to help you. Give us a call today.

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