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Public Adjuster Fort Pierce and Port St.Lucie

Guardian Adjusting Has Highly Qualified Public Adjusters in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie

Work with Guardian Adjusting to Insure You Receive the Maximum Settlement for Your Property Damage

Understand that upon receiving your property damage claim your insurance company will send their own insurance adjuster to assess the damage and come up with a repair estimate. Understand also that this adjuster will be representing the company's interest, not necessarily yours. Their intention is to minimize the settlement and its effect on their bottom line. Hire a public adjuster in Fort Pierce or a public adjuster in Port St. Lucie from Guardian Adjusting and you will have someone fighting on your side to get the money you deserve to repair your property.

Guardian Adjusting's public adjusters are knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive when it comes to fighting for our client's rights. With decades of experience working on property damage claims in South Florida, you can be sure that we will find and document all of the damage your property has suffered. Hidden damage that may otherwise not show up until after the case has been settled will be on your damage claim from the beginning. A thorough review of your insurance policy means that your damage claim will include everything that is covered. You purchased your insurance policy to ensure you are protected when the time comes. Unfortunately, you cannot count on that unless you have an expert working on your side.:

At Guardian Adjusting we pride ourselves on providing the most personalized and professional public adjusting service available. Your public adjuster in Fort Pierce or your public adjuster in Port St. Lucie will see your claim through from beginning to end, handling all of the details until you are compensated, and available throughout to answer your questions and concerns. Your expert public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will:

  • Provide a FREE property inspection and damage assessment
  • Assist you with a detailed property inventory
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Prepare and file your damage claim
Our public adjusters work to maximize the quality, not the quantity, of claims they handle and have the resources necessary to restore your home or business to its proper state, getting your claim settled and the repairs made quickly. The team at Guardian Adjusting includes on-staff insurance attorneys who are there to consult on legal issues related to your case and to protect your legal rights. With Guardian Adjusting you receive the most complete service available. If you need a public adjuster in Fort Pierce or a public adjuster in Port St. Lucie, there is really only one choice: Guardian Adjusting..

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