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Guardian Adjusting Has a Combined 30 Years of Experience Maximizing Property Damage Claims in Florida

Guardian Adjusting has provided the services of public adjusters in Orlando for more many years. That means that our extensive experience and knowledge are vast and cover all types of property damage seen in Florida, including hurricane, roof leaks, flood, fire, plumbing, vandalism, mold and more. Other Florida adjusting companies cannot promise the same excellent customer service and expertise as Guardian Adjusting. Guardian Adjusting provides the most capable and reliable public adjusters in Orlando.

When you report property damage to your insurance company, you can expect a visit from their insurance adjuster who will come to your property for a damage inspection. You can also expect the insurance company's adjuster to work hard to find faults with, and try to minimize, your property damage claim. In this scenario it is important to protect your own financial interests by having a public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting on your side. Our public adjusters in Orlando are familiar with all aspects of property damage claims and will work tirelessly to maximize your settlement. Our public adjusters in Orlando are:

  • Licensed and Bonded
  • Proficient with residential and commercial property damage claims
When your public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting performs your free property inspection and damage assessment, he will find all of the damage to your property. From smoke residue in your air conditioning ducts after a fire, to moisture absorbed by your walls and floors when water has entered your property, or any other property damage that is not instantly visible; your public adjuster in Orlando will find it and make sure you are compensated for it in your settlement. No other adjusting firm will work harder for you than Guardian Adjusting.

Guardian Adjusting Turns to a Team of Industry Experts to Consult on Your Property Damage Claim

Guardian Adjusting's public adjusters in Orlando have construction and accounting experts at their disposal to consult on any issues that may arise with your property damage claim. In addition, we have insurance lawyers on staff to advise our public adjusters in Orlando on legal matters and insure that your rights are protected under the law. This close contact with a network of industry professionals enables us to get invaluable, expert information on details specific to your situation, and in turn, secure the largest settlement possible for your claim.

Construction Specialists consult with our public adjusters in Orlando on current construction trends and costs.  A construction professional's input helps us prepare a complete and correct estimate for your repairs.

Accounting Experts provide feedback on almost all issues relating to your case. Accountants assist us in providing an accurate claim to your insurance company which helps to maximize your settlement.

Attorneys are employed by Guardian Adjusting to insure your legal rights are protected. Veteran lawyers with abundant experience in the insurance damage claims process provide invaluable guidance when navigating insurance law.

It does not matter if your property has suffered minor property damage from a leaking pipe, or serious damage from a storm, Guardian Adjusting can provide one of the best public adjusters in Orlando to work on your behalf.

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