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Roof LeakRoof damage in Florida is a disconcerting issue, especially in the rainy summer months when heavy rain can bring additional damage.  Consider the number of possible causes for roof damage - wind, lightning, hurricanes, as well as others - and the benefits of good public adjuster becomes clear. Guarding Adjusters employs the best public adjusters in the business to help you maximize your roof claim.  With thirty years in the property insurance business, we offer the expertise and proficiency our competitors cannot.  Trust your roof claim to the experts at Guardian Adjusters.

Damage to a residential or commercial roof can take many different forms. The extent of the damage will vary greatly from a leak caused by some shingles loosened in the wind, to the serious damage from an uprooted tree falling on a roof, to the devastation that can come from a hurricane. The large variety architectural elements and styles of roofs found in Florida can play a part in the type of damage suffered as well.

Finally, building components used in the roof's construction can affect the character of the damage experienced.  Granule loss under a shingle roof can be caused by extreme weather or over time by erosion.  This loss of granules can expose different layers of the roof and lead to additional damage. Blistering can develop under the top layer of the roof, eventually breaking open and exposing the material underneath.  Shakes on a wooden roof can similarly be damaged by extreme weather and expose underlying layers.

Our Experienced Public Adjusters Are Adept at Finding Hidden Damage So That Your Roof Claim Is Complete

No two roof damage situations will be the same.  That is why it is so important to contact a reputable and knowledgeable public adjuster to inspect the property on your behalf as well as prepare and file your roof claim. The public adjusters at Guardian Adjusting are familiar with all of these variables, and more.  Guardian Adjusting also employs insurance lawyers to consult on legal issues and protect your legal rights.

After roof damage has occurred, or even if you suspect roof damage, call Guardian Adjusting immediately.  Your public adjuster will visit your property to perform a FREE roof inspection and damage estimate.  Be assured that your public adjuster will uncover any and all damage and include it in your roof claim, ensuring that you are properly compensated and your property restored to its original condition.  Call Guardian Adjusting for expert handling of your roof claim.

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