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Underpaid Claims

You Do Not Have to Settle for Underpayment or Denial of Your Claim

One of the most important reasons to hire a public insurance adjuster is to avoid being underpaid by your insurance company when you file a property insurance claim. Without past experience or some expertise in the matter, there may be no way for you to know if you are being offered less than you will need to repair your property.

You have purchased property insurance to protect your investment. Now it has been damaged and you turn to your insurance company for help. It is important to understand that your insurance company is in the business of making money, and when it comes to paying claims, they will make every effort to keep their costs down. It is, therefore, unlikely that your insurance company’s first offer will be enough to fix your property properly. There is also the possibility of a claim denial, leaving you with no funds for repairs. But you should never simply accept your insurance company’s low offer or denial without a fight.

Hire a Professional Advocate

Securing the services of a public insurance adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will be the most important step you take when facing property damage. Our public adjusters have the experience and the expertise to deal with your insurance company on your behalf. After performing their own property damage inspection, your public adjuster will often uncover hidden damage that was not included in your insurance company’s offer. A public adjuster can assist in completing all of the necessary claim paperwork and will be there to answer any of your questions and address your concerns during the process. Your public adjuster will also negotiate the costs of all repairs and work to get you the maximum settlement possible so that you get the money you need to put your property back to its original condition.

If you find yourself in a position where you have accepted the insurance company’s settlement for your property damage insurance claim and realize later that it will not be enough to repair your property, your public adjuster may be able to reopen the claim. The process is complicated and probably not something you want to undertake on your own. With their years of experience negotiating claims and reopening denied claims, Guardian Adjusting’s public adjusters have the expertise you want on your side. Do not settle for your insurance company’s first offer. Call Guardian Adjusting today.

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