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Water Damage Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie

Dependable Handling of Water Damage in Fort Pierce or Water Damage in Port St. Lucie is Essential

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Water damage in Fort Pierce and water damage in Port St. Lucie are some of the most common insurance property damage claims in these two cities. Insurance companies do not cover flooding under the umbrella of water damage. Flood insurance is its own category and must be purchased separately. Rather, water damage includes property damage from just about any other source of water. These include leaks in your roof, burst pipes, cracked sinks, broken appliances and damage from storms like hurricanes.

If you are facing water damage in your home or place of business, call Guardian Adjusting right away. We will send a dependable, highly experienced public adjuster to the site. Property water damage must be dealt with immediately to avoid things like mold and corrosion from developing. At Guardian Adjusting we have decades of combined experience handling water damage and processing water damage claims. Our knowledge and professionalism are unsurpassed by our South Florida competitors.

Upon arriving at your property, your expert public adjuster will quickly determine the source of the water damage so that it could be addressed. This will prevent any further accumulation of water and further damage to your property. After performing an initial inspection and damage assessment, it will be decided if the services of a water remediation company are needed. Water remediation is the process of removing all water and moisture from the property. This includes any water that has been absorbed by carpets, floors, furniture and walls.

Guardian Adjusting Will Help Get the Water Out and Your Claim Processed Quickly

Once the source of the leak has been dealt with and the water and moisture removed, your public adjuster will continue with a more thorough inspection of the property to determine the extent of the water damage. Signs of mold or corrosion will be documented. These can begin to form very quickly after the initial damage. If not stopped early, these issues will develop further causing serious damage in the future. If mold and corrosion are found, the water remediation company can also provide an initial treatment to stop them from developing further.

All of our years of experience at Guardian Adjusting means we know exactly where to look for hidden water damage. This ensures a thorough claim that includes all of the damage your property has suffered. Our public adjusters work closely with our team of insurance attorneys who are there to oversee any legal issues related to your claim and to make sure that your legal rights are protected. You will not find another firm that will be as dedicated and capable of helping with your water damage in Fort Pierce or water damage in Port St. Lucie.


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