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Water Damage Jupiter and Stuart

Water Damage in Jupiter and Water Damage in Stuart Must Be Approached Calmly and Systematically

Your Guardian Public Adjuster will ensure proper claim handling

Water damage in Jupiter and water damage in Stuart  to your home or place of business can be unsettling, stressful and may lead to unwise decisions. It is important to take a systematic approach to the situation. The source of the water damage should first be stopped, even if a professional must be called out. Most insurance policies hold the policy holder responsible to mitigate the damage and stop further damage to the best of their ability. Here is a list of do's and don'ts to keep in mind:

  • Do try to find and stop the source of the water damage
  • Do contact a plumber or water remediation company if necessary
  • Do move any property that may be affected by the water
  • Do make a list (on paper, photographs or video) of damaged property
  • Do not discard of any of your damaged property
  • Do not try to handle it alone
At times like these it is best to hire an experienced public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting. Your public adjuster will guide you through the process of getting your property back to normal and handle the processing of your insurance claim while maximizing your settlement. Our public adjusters are experts at finding hidden water damage and will ensure that you are compensated for any and all damage your property has suffered.

Your public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will first perform an initial property inspection and damage assessment. After the source of the water has been stopped, it will be determined if the services of a water remediation company will be needed. A water remediation company can extract moisture absorbed by furniture, walls, floors and carpeting. They can also perform an initial treatment for mold if necessary. This is all in an effort to minimize any further water damage.

After these steps, your public adjuster will perform a more complete property inspection, looking for any further damage, and hidden damage in particular. This thorough inspection will also help find signs of the beginning of corrosion or mold. These can start to develop very rapidly and will cause all sorts of problems if not found and stopped early.

Guardian Adjusting has decades of combined experience in helping South Floridians with their water damage claims. Our adjusters will make sure your insurance company compensates you properly and fairly. We also employ a team of insurance lawyers that consult with our public adjusters on legal issues and work to protect your legal rights.

Flooding Coverage is Separate

Claims for water damage in Jupiter and water damage in Stuart are some of the most common damage claims in the area. It is important to understand that flooding is not covered under water damage on insurance policies. Flooding requires its own separate coverage. Covered under water damage are leaks in roofs or pipes, broken appliances, and water damage from hurricanes and other storms. Guardian Adjusting can review your policy and explain exactly what it covers. Call us today and be prepared for any unfortunate events in the future.

Once the source and extra water have been dealt with, your public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will continue to inspect the property for any signs of mold, rot or corrosion. These problems often arise shortly after the initial water damage and they will progress quickly if not controlled early. The water remediation company can apply a mold treatment if needed.

The team at Guardian Adjusting has over 30 years of experience handling water damage in Orlando. The public adjusters we employ are experts in uncovering water damage in Orlando and making sure it is included in your water damage claim. In addition, we employ insurance lawyers to consult on legalities and protect your legal rights. Our competitors cannot provide the same level of knowledge and thoroughness when handling water damage claims.

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