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Water Damage Key Largo

Water Damage in Key Largo Must Be Addressed Promptly to Avoid Further Costs

Trust Guardian Adjusting to Deal With Your Insurance Company and Process Your Water Damage Claim

Water DamageWater damage in Key Largo is more common than any other type of commercial or residential property damage. Insurance companies do not include flooding that results from the water level of an existing body of water rising. That kind of damage requires a separate flood insurance policy. Included under water damage is damage from a roof leak, a broken pipe or sink, water damage associated with a hurricane and other sources. Another potential source of water damage is a broken appliance like an air conditioner, washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator. Also common are hidden leaks which can sometimes cause major damage before being found.

Even after the problem has been found and fixed, water damage could continue in the form of mold, rot and corrosion if all water and moisture are not completely removed from the property. The aftermath of water damage is not something you should approach alone. A good public adjuster will be indispensable in dealing with your insurance company and returning your property to normal as quickly as possible. At Guardian Adjusting we have a combined 100 years of experience filing insurance claims for water damage in Key Largo and helping our clients get their property repaired.

The Adjusters at Guardian Adjusting Know How To Get Your Property Restored and Your Damage Bills Paid

It is important to call a public adjuster promptly after your commercial or residential property has suffered water damage in Key Largo. Guardian Adjusting can provide an expert, highly qualified public adjuster to assist you in filing your water damage claim. On the first visit, your public adjuster will perform an initial inspection to find the source of the water and arrange to have it fixed. This is an effort to prevent further damage. After the source has been found and fixed, a water remediation company may be called in. The water remediation company can ensure that all water and moisture are removed, in particular, moisture that has been absorbed by furniture, carpeting, floors and walls. This will stop further damage from occurring and stop mold or corrosion from taking hold.

After the leak and accumulated water have been dealt with, your adjuster will finish the property inspection to survey the extent of the water damage. Particular care will be taken to find signs of mold and corrosion. Both of these can turn into major issues if not found and treated early. If mold is found, the water remediation company can perform an initial mold treatment.

With thirty years of experience, you can count on Guardian Adjusting to find all the water damage in your property, maximize your insurance claim, and help you get repairs done quickly. At Guardian Adjusting we also have insurance lawyers on staff to make sure your legal rights are being protected. No other adjusters can compare to Guardian Adjusting in handling water damage in Key Largo.

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