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Water Damage Orlando

Water Damage in Orlando Will Have Long Lasting Effects If Not Handled Correctly

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Property water damage in Orlando can be caused by a broken sink or pipe, a leak in the roof, a tropical storm or hurricane, as well as broken appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners or dishwashers and many other sources. Insurance companies, however, require a separate flood policy for property damage resulting from rising water in a body of water. Because of its geographical location, water damage in Orlando is a common occurrence. An additional problem is water's ability to seep into walls, floors and furniture and pool in hidden areas. This extra water, if not found and completely removed, will cause mold, rot and corrosion.

Guardian Adjusting can provide an expert public adjuster to handle all phases of your water damage claim. An exceptional public adjuster can be a vital part of your team, handling your claim and helping restore your property. Guardian Adjusting’s over thirty years of experience with water damage in Orlando guarantees expert care in processing which is unmatched by any of our competitors. Guardian Adjusting also employs a team of insurance attorneys to protect your legal rights. Our attorneys are always available to your public adjuster to provide guidance on legal issues.

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Call Guardian Adjusting first, after suffering commercial or residential property damage, for a highly qualified public adjuster. Your expert public adjuster will visit your property to perform a FREE inspection and initial damage estimate. Before further inspection, the cause of the leak must be dealt with to stop any more accumulation of water. If the source of the water is found to be a leak, this must be stopped and a water remediation company brought in if necessary. Water remediation is the process of removing all excess water and moisture from walls, carpets, floors and furniture. This can go a long way in preventing further damage and keep mold and corrosion from occurring in the future.

Once the source and extra water have been dealt with, your public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will continue to inspect the property for any signs of mold, rot or corrosion. These problems often arise shortly after the initial water damage and they will progress quickly if not controlled early. The water remediation company can apply a mold treatment if needed.

The team at Guardian Adjusting has over 30 years of experience handling water damage in Orlando. The public adjusters we employ are experts in uncovering water damage in Orlando and making sure it is included in your water damage claim. In addition, we employ insurance lawyers to consult on legalities and protect your legal rights. Our competitors cannot provide the same level of knowledge and thoroughness when handling water damage claims.

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