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Water Damage West Palm Beach

Water Damage in West Palm Beach Can Become Worse If Not Managed Properly

Guardian Adjusting Will Help Get You Properly Compensated

Water DamageNo other kind of property damage is seen more frequently than water damage in West Palm Beach. Insurance companies consider water damage as being caused by roof or plumbing leaks, broken sinks, hurricanes, etc. Also included is damage from leaks in appliances, like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines or dishwashers. Not included, however, is any flooding caused by rising waters in an existing body of water such as a lake or river. That type of damage requires a separate flood insurance policy.

Water damage in West Palm Beach could become a much bigger problem because some water damage and water accumulation is hidden. If not found and removed completely, that moisture could cause mold, rot and corrosion. Guardian Adjusting can provide you with an expert and dependable public adjuster to find all of the damage your property has suffered and help you get properly compensated for the repairs. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in processing claims for water damage in West Palm Beach and the rest of Florida. That kind of experience allows us to be more knowledgeable and effective than our competitors.

Guardian Adjusting Can Help Get Your Property Restored Quickly

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of experiencing water damage in West Palm Beach, you should call Guardian Adjusting immediately for professional help with your property damage claim. A highly qualified public adjuster from Guardian Adjusting will promptly visit your property for an initial inspection. The purpose of this inspection is to find the source of the water and arrange to have it stopped in order to prevent further accumulation and damage. Next, your public adjuster will decide if a water remediation company should be called to remove any moisture that has been absorbed by the walls, floors, carpeting or furniture in your property. This will stop any further damage from occurring, and it will make it difficult for mold or corrosion to take hold.

Once the water source has been found and dealt with, your public adjuster will perform the second phase of the property inspection and damage assessment. This will be a more thorough inspection with an eye toward finding and documenting all of the damage your property has suffered. Particular care will be taken to find any signs of the beginning of mold or corrosion. Mold and corrosion could cause damage for years after the initial water has entered the property. The water remediation company can apply an initial mold treatment if it is needed.

Guardian Adjusting over 30 years of experience in water damage in West Palm Beach. Our adjusters are the best in the business and experts at uncovering hidden damage and getting our clients properly compensated for the damage. Additionally, we have a staff of insurance attorney's that are always available to our adjusters to consult on legal matters related to your case. This ensures that your legal rights are protected. No other adjusting firm has the same amount of knowledge and expertise with water damage in West Palm Beach.

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